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Not only quality mattresses, but also the choice of a suitable pillow can influence the overall quality of your sleep. The anatomical pillow helps to keep your cervical spine in an anatomical position. There is no excessive strain on the neck muscles and no subsequent headache occurs. Anatomical pillows have helped many people from spinal pain, snoring, and sleep-related problems. By its shaping, it provides perfect cervical spine support.

Price from 39 € including VAT

Latex anatomic pillow

• 100% latex foam
• its advantage is the optimal support of the head and neck vertebrae
• load distribution according to the shaped zones
• airiness of the core

• Dimensions: 58 x 34 x 9,5/7,5/8,5 cm

washable cover
removable cover

Price from 48 € including VAT

anatomical pillow made of lazy foam

• providing natural head support, relaxing effects on neck and nape muscles

• Dimensions: 58 x 34 x 9,5/7,5/8,5 cm

washable cover
removable cover

Price from 23 € including VAT

A good pillow is an important prerequisite for quality sleep and intense rest. A perfect choice is undoubtedly an attractive Lukáš pillow. Its optimal size of 55x40cm allows you to enjoy the benefits of this great complement in your bedroom or anywhere else in the comfort of your home. You turn your sleep into total relaxation. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of your sleep position preferences.

Comfortable pillow filling is made up of a mixture of small but tangible pieces of polyurethane combined with popular lazy foam that guarantees softness, fluffy volume but does not cause undesirable shape change. Polyurethane takes care of breathability, elasticity, shape stability and provides proper head and back support regardless of whether you sleep on your side, back or abdomen. This filling is kept in a separate inner bag of lightweight non-woven fabric.

You can customize the height and strength of your pillow by simply removing some portion of the filling. Therefore, the bag is provided with a zipper on the short side of the pillow. Adjusting the amount of the filling is ideal for adjusting the softness according to your feelings.

High quality, detachable and individually washable 200g/m2 cover can be selected by you from our entire range of neutral or functional covers that we use in mattress production. This option prolongs the lifetime of the product. Washing can be done in a washing machine at a water temperature of up to 60°C.

This pillow is specially delivered to specified types of mattresses from our wide range, but can also be ordered separately. It is great for every household as it can be used by both young and older users on the couch when reading or watching TV or while traveling by car. It can be a great gift for the elderly, because it relieves joint pain and improves natural vitality of the body when used as a back or head backing.

The pillows are provided with a protective foil and supplied in a compressed state for increased protection against damage and for easy handling. After unpacking, it returns to its original state in a very short time.



removable cover
washable cover

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