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ACTION offer of mattresses


from 142 €

17 cm

The seven-zone mattress with dual firmness is composed of two high quality elastic foams molded into massage protrusions. These protrusions provide...

from 166 €

22 cm

Seven-zone sandwich mattress with dual firmness. The core center of the mattress is reinforced with bonded polyurethane. The supporting layers are...

from 193 €

19 cm

This seven-zone mattress is composed of two elastic MediFoam foams of different volume firmness. These foams provide the elasticity and shape...

from 237 €

23 cm

The support blue layer is made of ArcticFoam viscoelastic foam shaped into massage protrusions. This foam ensures optimal temperature control during...

from 119 €

15 cm

Sandwich mattress with a core of bonded polyurethane of a height of 7 cm. The supporting layers are made up of 3-cm polyurethane/PUR foam on both...

from 242 €

23 cm

The core of this solid mattress is made of hardened polyurethane foam with transverse profiling to ensure airiness. The supporting layers are made up...