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This heavyweight foam was created with a special technology that features great orthopedic properties. It has perfect breathability, flexibility, shape stability and durability. Increased porosity is very good for removing heat from the mattress, this foam is "breathing". MediFoam foam mattresses provide ideal relaxation of the spine, joints and muscles during your sleep. They are medically tested and certified by the Textile Testing Institute (Textilní zkušební ústav, s. p.) in Brno. The MediFoam foam is a guarantee of quality.


Antibacterial foam

Antibacterial foam prevents occurrence of bacteria and mites. It is dermatologically tested and skin-friendly. Thanks to antimicrobial treatment, the Sanitized is a revolutionary solution for allergic persons.

Antibakteriální materiál

Bio Foam

The soybean extract from which the mattresses are produced not only has a beneficial effect on the human organism but also saves our ecosystem - it reduces consumption of mineral resources. By using the soybean extract, the elasticity (elongation) is multiplied, the pressure deformation decreases and the resilient elasticity increases. This foam has a long life and great orthopedic properties. Mattresses made of soybean extract meet the most demanding testing requirements, Ökotex-Standard 100 - Class 1.

Bio pěna

Polyurethane/PUR Foam

Polyurethane foam is characterized by good elasticity and shape stability. For mattress cores we use higher density foam or PUR RE 80 bonded polyurethane layer. These foams are more durable and sustain higher load. Polyurethane mattresses are the most widespread in the market.

Polyuretanová/PUR pěna

Cold/HR Foam

It varies with production technology that fundamentally affects the resulting mattress properties. It has larger pores than traditional PUR foam, it is therefore more breathable and airy, has better elastic properties and shape stability, better copying body curves. For the production of cold foam mattresses we use foam of different firmness, which we then combine to form anatomical zones and support the ideal anatomical position of the spine. We also combine cold foam with lazy foam that adjusts its firmness and shape according to the absorbed heat, which guarantees an excellent mattress adaptation to any weight category.

Studená/HR pěna

Lazy Foam

Foam that changes its firmness depending on temperature. This means that the foam will soften when in contact with your body. It evenly distributes the pressure of the material on the human body, which has a positive effect on blood circulation. Significant sleep comfort ensures smoothing of the lazy foam into the so-called massage protrusions that perfectly bleed the upper part of the skin. The viscoelastic foam does not create back-pressure and thus prevents formation of bedsores.

Líná pěna


Latex foam is comfortable, durable and has a very high elasticity; it is flexible and shape-stable even after many years of use. After compression, it quickly returns to its original shape. Latex foams produced by Artilat-Vyrolat contain the maximum possible proportion of natural rubber. Latex is resistant to mold and bacteria, does not exceed the EUROLATEX (West European Environmental Standard) limits. Artilat-Vyrolat products have been awarded the Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.


Sheep fleece

Lightening layer reinforced with jute fabric, on which a layer of polyester with admixture of wool of a thickness of 2 cm is applied. This material with a high proportion of natural wool offers excellent thermoregulatory capability, pleasantly warming the human body during sleep.

Ovčí rouno

Coconut Fiber

It is obtained from coconut bark from Sri Lanka. The highest quality fiber is used in coconut rubber boards. At SEGUM, the fiber is thoroughly disintegrated and its woody character ("absorbency") is eliminated by technically perfect latex spraying, giving the coconut fiber its specific character - high elasticity and airiness. Natural latex is rubber milk, obtained from Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. For production of coconut rubber, pure natural latex is used in liquid form. Flexibility is the most important feature of finished products.

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