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How to choose the right mattress?


Quality sleep? Why not, but under certain conditions only!



Sleep is the most important form of relaxation for every person. Physical and psychic powers of man regenerate and the body draws energy for the next day. The quality of sleep depends on a suitably chosen mattress. But how to orient yourself at the current wide range of mattresses? Customers are overwhelmed with information from the media, they are familiar with offers of most manufacturers, know technical parameters of individual materials, but when they shall decide which mattress to choose, they do not know at all.
Therefore, the company DŘEVOČAL s.r.o. offers a clear offer of its products divided according to several criteria. We hope it will make it easier for you to choose your mattress and you will be happy with this choice.


1. Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness is one of the most important factors in choosing a mattress. It also depends on individual preference of base firmness. Habit often plays an important role here. Company DŘEVOČAL s.r.o. lists 4 grades of firmness (soft to extra hard) for its products.

matrace Firmness No. 1:

These softest mattresses (such as ZAIRA, LAURA) are very elastic, ideally conform to the body shape, do not create back-pressure and prevent formation of decubitus. They help the muscles and joints of the whole body to relax. Such soft mattresses are especially preferred by women, persons with joint pains and the elderly people.

Firmness No. 2:

Firmness No. 2 includes a wide range of mattresses, namely polyurethane, sandwich (e.g. HANA), spring (e.g. IRMA) and especially cold and lazy foam mattresses (BRIGITA). Latex mattresses, such as KLAUDIE, LADA. These mattresses are elastic, ideally conform to the body shape, do not create back-pressure and keep the spine in the plane. This firmness category is the most popular among customers.

Firmness No. 3:

Firmness No. 3 includes some types of sandwich, spring and profiled mattresses (e.g. TAMARA, SÁVA), in which shaped polyurethane foam of higher firmness, a layer of coconut fiber or cold foam with higher density or with higher resistance against compression, is used. These mattresses are especially preferred by men, younger people, high-weight customers and generally customers who require harder sleep.

Firmness No. 4:

Firmness No. 4 includes our hardest mattresses, such as AGATA. The core of this mattress is made of hardened MediFoam foam. The top layer is made of coconut fiber, which ensures perfect aeration. Mattress firmness is ensured by high specific density of the cold/HR foam shaped into massaging protrusions, which help to keep the spine in the plane and ensure better blood circulation in the skin. This mattress firmness is preferred by customers of a higher weight category and by men.

Double firmness:

A very interesting option is mattresses with different firmness on each side. We call them partner mattresses. The customer can choose the mattress firmness he currently needs. Different firmness in these mattresses is achieved by using materials with different specific densities. These mattresses are, of course, the most popular. For example, BRIGITA and JOLANA are ideal for a married couple (the softer side for the woman, the harder side for the man).

2. Customer's Weight

When selecting a mattress, it is necessary to take into account the weight category. Our mattresses are labeled with the maximum recommended load.

3. Customer's Age

Sleep quality is of essential importance for all age categories. Children need a high-quality, rather firmer mattress with medium firmness for healthy growth and development. Requirements for the most frequently used mattresses for children "grown out of the crib" are airiness, durability, reasonable price, and last but not least, a removable and washable cover. From a hygienic and physiological point of view, it is better to choose the mattress on a temporary basis and with an increasing age (around the age of 10 years) to consider purchasing a high-quality zone mattress, according to the current market offer. Mums will surely appreciate specific types of suitable mattresses sorted by price and height - Hana, Dáda, Irma, Martina. For all types, we recommend a very popular Medicott or SilverGuard antibacterial cover. Young people are interested in stiffer sleeping and the older one is, the softer and more elastic mattress should use. This should be combined with a slatted base. A suitable alternative is the positioning slatted bases. Seniors will especially appreciate the motorized types.
It is just for elderly people that the choice of bed is the most demanding. Most of them have very specific health problems, and each of these problems brings some limitations. We primarily recommend clinically tested mattresses, e.g. LADA, EVA, BRIGITA, JOLANA...

4. Method of placing the mattress

A correctly placed mattress should not lie on a solid board. There is no good ventilation of the mattress. A better option is a wooden slatted base, which guarantees aeration of the mattress. The base bars width should be about 5 cm and a distance of up to 4 cm between them. A much better option is a base of pre-tensioned slats. Whilst on a wooden base the mattress under load is compressed a lot, thanks to the slatted base it becomes more bent. The slatted base helps to increase the mattress elasticity and to better fit your body. The positioning slatted base is appreciated when reading or watching television. Tired legs or painful spine are resting when the lower base section is lifted. For motorized positioning bases, base and mattress handling is avoided at every setting change. This is a big advantage for long-term ill people; however, also a healthy person likes to enjoy luxury.

5. Nature of mattress usage

Also choose the mattress depending on the environment. Some types of mattresses are designed for casual sleeping (cottages, hostels, hotels). Here, there is enough to use a polyurethane or sandwich mattress. A good alternative is also the spring mattress. Their greatest advantage is their airiness. For everyday sleep, choose mattress types according to your requirements.

6. Price

The quality of the mattress increases proportionally with the price. When choosing mattresses made of cold/HR foam, viscoelastic and bio foam or latex, you should expect a higher price. Prices of mattresses are calculated for the size of 200x90 cm. Atypical mattresses of smaller dimensions are charged at no extra cost, except for spring mattresses, where 10% is added. For larger mattress sizes, the following rule applies: for every 10 cm - a 10% increase. For a 120 cm wide mattress we charge a 60% surcharge.


Be careful when buying cheap mattresses. Shop only with experts and get advice from trained vendors. Purchase only the mattresses you can look into and check their composition. The mattress should have a removable cover.

It is always good to try the mattress in advance. Some shops, listed on our website have the mattresses available on display.
The shops included in a special project and marked with the logo "WORLD OF YOUR SLEEP", which are published on, offer a large number of mattresses for testing, which guarantees a more concrete idea of the types of mattresses we produce and thus facilitates a happy purchase.

We believe that we have helped you to orient and choose a suitable mattress.
We wish you quiet and undisturbed sleep.

The team of DŘEVOČAL s.r.o.