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If the principles of proper use and care are followed, the manufacturer provides a product quality guarantee of 24 months from the date of sale. Some types of mattresses have an extended mattress core warranty for 3 years.

The warranty does not apply to wear and tear caused by its usual use, natural ageing, discoloration, inappropriate storage and care, careless transportation and careless handling, rough handling or use for any purpose other than that the product is intended for.

Apparent defects and incompleteness of the mattress must be claimed immediately after receipt of the goods.

The warranty period starts running from the date of sale of the product. The warranty period does not include the time from the date of the claim until the product is returned to the buyer after the claim has been settled.

The claim can be applied without undue delay at the retailer the product was purchased from, by submitting an original proof of purchase of the product with the product type designation, the date of sale and the rubber stamp of the shop.

The product that is the subject of the claim must be handed properly wrapped in the plastic so as not to cause soiling or other damage to the product during transportation. The manufacturer reserves the right to reject the claim for hygienic contamination of the product.

The already purchased and used mattress cannot be exchanged for hygienic reasons.